Best Black Accent Wall Designs For a Spacious Home

Do you want to transform your room or the entire home? You are surely looking for a cost-effective, easiest, and most efficient way of doing so! If yes, then we have the option that is not just budget-friendly but also gives your home an aesthetic look.

The first thing that pops into the mind is no doubt paint! This is one of the most impactful, trendy, and bold options to revive your home’s appearance. But the most important thing to consider while painting your home is to choose the appropriate color for paint. For which, you might be confused! But stop fretting anymore, because here in this article we are going to help you with that.

We will not just assist you in choosing the appropriate color for your room or home. But we will also enlist the amazing ideas for your walls.

Seems interesting? Yes, it is!

Let’s continue exploring the fantastic ideas and designs for your walls.

One of the most trendy and cosy ideas that are demanded by modern people is the black accent wall.

No doubt black is full dramatic and eye-catchy! Although people don’t use to paint it, as they thought it will lead to darkness in their room or home. But we are going to use black paint in ways that will let you think “Wow… I’ve never seen such an aesthetic look before!”

You will not just love it, but also find it easiest and cost-effective. Thus, what else do you need?

Go for it, and get an appealing look throughout your room or home.

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Top 5 Black Accent Wall Designs

Take a look at the 10 astonishing black accent walls! You will see how spectacularly paint make a difference. Add drama and beauty to your space with these Best Black Accent Wall Designs for a Cozy Home!

Check out the ideas below and select one your fav and that is well for your space:

1. Westchester Showhouse 2011:

This designed accent wall covers usually half of your wall. This will give your space a prettier look that looks nice due to its white molding. You can adopt this design not usually for your living room, but for a seating place. The place where you people use to sit mostly to have tea or coffee in the afternoons or evenings.

2. 544 Union Brooklyn:

This one doesn’t cover the entire side of a wall. Although it looks extremely nice from this angle. We can say that it looks like a chalkboard or something else like that. People who don’t want to overpower the room can opt for this idea. It will complement the artwork and the paint need.

3. 12th South Redesign:

At the very first we are going to show you a cute enough and stunning black accent wall. It will actually complete the entire appeal of your space. Besides, a grey couch matches perfectly along with the pink ottoman and elegant armchair. Which is usually used to place on an earthy area carpet.

4. Evandale:

If you want to have a mid-century look, then you can go with this idea. You can add furniture and decoration of that type with this paint. You can make two accent black walls following this design. Moreover, hang black and white pendant lights above your furniture.

5. Kirkland Traditional Residence:

In such a type of black wall, you have an option to place various frames on the wall. That’s how your wall will be looking busy, but still fabulous as well. There will be a combination of colors due to the frames placed there. But it will not look overpowering. This will have an easy breezy workout!

Black Accent Wall Bedroom With Wood

Black accent wall with wood gives an elegant and modern look to your space. One of the most stunning looks is due to its abstract paneling across the wall. You can use this versatile design black accent wall with wood in any of your rooms in your home.

This idea is simple to perform, in fact, you can do it yourself as well easily. All you have to do is to get some wooden slats and then attach them in a diagonal direction across the wall following an abstract fashion.

At last, just paint the wall and the slats as well with black or any other dark color you like the most. This will give your workspace and living space an aesthetic touch when you will add this wood accent wall there.

How To Paint A Black Accent Wall?

Once you have selected the color to paint in your room, the first question that pops up in your mind will be “how to paint a black accent wall?” This is not a difficult task to paint a black accent wall. All you need is a painter’s tape, a paintbrush, and a paint roller.

These are some of the essential things you must have while painting. Other things depend on the type of paint you choose, type of and size of the wall. At the very first step, you have to tape off the area. Then paint along the edges with the original wall color, this is just to seal the tape. Then paint the new black color laterally the edges. That’s how you will get a perfect black accent wall.

FAQS for Black Accent Wall

Have more questions about a black accent wall? Take a look at these additional and most frequently asked questions, hope you will find your answer here.

1. Which Wall Should Be The Black Accent Wall Living Room?

This should be a place where your eyes to be drawn when you enter your room. Most often it’s the wall straight behind the bed! That wall will be the perfect pick for the dark accent wall living room. Or you may paint a wall that has a fireplace upon it. Moreover, it could be a wall that has some built-in bookcases.

2.    What Colors Go With A Black Accent Wall?

I think this is one is the easiest answer am going to state. As a matter of fact, we know every color goes fabulously with black. Thus, you can use a combo of any color that you love the most with black. But if you still want to get a straight opinion from me, then you must go with the bright vibrant colors. These look fantastic in black! As compared to super-rich colors such as brown or navy blue, I recommend using bright colors like off-white, sky blue, white, and so on.

3.    Is A Black Accent Wall A Good Idea?

This answer highly depends on personal taste. But we assure you that you’ll love the black accent wall designs once you will see them on your Pinterest boards. Scroll your Instagram feed, you will find a lot of astonishing ideas of black accent walls. Don’t you think, that this black wall accent wall should be your next paint?

Wrapping It Up!

If you didn’t plan yet to have a black accent wall, we are sure now you have changed your mind. Who doesn’t want to have such stunning designs in the bedroom, living room, or any room of the house? Obviously, no one! If you are also one of those, who are going to have a black accent wall in your space then you will definitely like the ideas given above.

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