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Welcome to Inside Roof: A magazine that proffers high-quality content!

We are not just limited to publishing our highly experienced writer’s content. But we are also allowing you to publish your worthy information to get features on our website. By allowing this, we take responsibility for the published content on our website that must be of high quality. 

Thus, you can show your expertise, and submit an article on our site!

Must Consider Guest Post Guidelines

Although, there are no restrictions to stopover your creativity, but some guidelines for you! After writing an article, the next step is submission. But make sure of the listed points before submitting your content. If you are finally going to Submit a Guest Post article on our website then must consider these guidelines. Let’s shed a light!

  • Make sure the article is relevant to our subject. For example, related to home decor & interior, construction & renovation, repair & maintenance, roof & gardening, top/best products. 
  • The article you are going to submit on Inside Roof must be 100% original. In short, it should not be plagiarized. Otherwise, if it will be copy-pasted then we’ll ban or remove it or not even publish it. 
  • You can add relevant images in the article, if adding then the pictures should be copy-right free as well.  
  • Make sure the content is written as per Google’s Guidelines.
  • The article should be extremely informative and entertaining depending on the type of content. 
  • The content should be informative, catchy, clear, and Certified by Grammarly.
  • The word count of the publishing article should be a minimum of 800. 
  • We will proofread your content first, before publishing it on our site. So, make sure you have proofread yourself first. On the other hand, we will edit your content if needed. 

Go Ahead and Submit Your Article!

Thus, if you have excellent writing skills and think that your content should be published on a worthy website then why are you wasting your skills? Let’s join us where Inside Roof is providing an interesting opportunity by Accepting Guest Posts on our platform. By availing this opportunity, you cannot just enhance your writing skills but can also show your creativity through the content. 

What Is the Submission Process?

It’s not a complex thing to do; rather it’s quite simple to Write for Us!

If you are looking forward to posting your content, then get in touch with us right now.

All you have to do is just send an email to theinsideroof[@]gmail. com

We are here to warmly welcome your content and to answer your queries. Reach out to us now, if you want to learn more. 

How To Email Us?

The email should consist of a description of your requirements about the type of content you want to write. Also, describe the links you attached and any other content you are referring to that is already written. 

Note: To give your article a picture-perfect and natural look, we will add internal and external links. That’s how; we’ll improve the SEO factors. 

Consider: If you have any article written previously you can send us the link so we can review it.